Lesbian and Gay News

31.04.2021 The House of Homophobia: Jo Bartosch asks why MPs are misrepresenting the LGB Alliance?

24.03.2021 #LesbianMeToo: The lesbian victims of sexual violence will now be heard, reports Jo Bartosch

01.04.2021 Jo Bartosch reports on political cartoonist Stella Perrett’s book “2020 The Year We Were All Cancelled”

22.03.2021 Sex, money and alternative truths: Jo Bartosch on Stonewall’s “School & College Champions Awards”

10.03.2021 Jo Bartosch reports on last night’s debate on conversion therapy in the House of Commons – and is left angry and disappointed

21.03.2021 Ministers are right to back careful approach on conversion therapy despite LGBT advisors walking out

21.03.2021 The first ever Detransition Awareness Day is today Friday 12th March

05.03.2021 Dysphoric – Fleeing Womanhood Like a House on Fire: An interview with documentary film-maker Vaishnavi Sundar

23.02.2021 Lesbian women talk about meeting ‘transbians’ on women-only dating sites

23.02.2021 The LGB Fight Back for the kids in America

23.02.2021 Jo Bartosch: Lost lesbians in the census

20.02.2021 Why do lesbian and gay Conservative Party voters find it hard to come out as Tory?

20.02.2021 Labour MP Rosie Duffield’s fight to defend women’s rights

19.02.2021 MPs and peers threatened if they attended House of Lords ‘First Do No Harm’ gender dysphoria debate

17.02.2021 Get The L Out: The lesbian protestors speak for themselves

17.02.2021 What’s driving the huge rise in gender dysphoria referrals for children and teenagers?